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Perfect Dating  is doing a promotional offer right now. As from 13/11/2010 THE SPECIAL OFFER IS FOR THE NEXT 6 MONTHS - everything is 100% FREE to use and explore.


IMPORTANT, please read below before you REGISTER for your FREE  Promotional Offer 6-months

Instructions for you to use Perfect Dating:

  1. When you've registered on Perfect Dating you will be sent a email confirming your registration

  2. You must click on the link provided so you account is activated ( by default you account will be on the Free service with basic usage facilities)

  3. Ok, now you've activated your account you will be be able to login.  You now should be in your MP (Member Panel) and able to see a host of things that you can do with your new account.  On the list now select the Upgrade Membership.

  4. You will be directed to a panel with certain payment options.  Please now select the box by clicking with your mouse, the Promotional Offer 6-months. your account be be upgraded automatically now for a full 6-months at no charge what so ever.


We check all new members profiles for suitability, and its necessary to screen new profiles before they become active. On Perfect Dating  website,  our Admin Team will verify all information that you provided when you signed up with us.  All profiles are dealt with within 24-hours or sooner.

Note, please don't waste our time or yours on registering with alias email addresses, User Names, that are inappropriate, (or using URL's)  home address. or postal code, because your membership won't be accepted.

Note, all our member's information is never disclosed to any 3rd party, or any other member, under any circumstance


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Here are the things you get, and much more for 6-months

You have 100% access to our integrated Forum, Chat, Messenger and many other feature All though Perfect Dating is Free for basic Services there is much more you can do on here. We've a fully integrated Chat Room, Forum & Messenger. Where you can really have that privacy, with a 121 chat or Send messages to each other, and much more. You have this full service for Free for 6-months.  This site is truly wonderful place to have great fun.

When your Special Offer has expired you will automatically reverted back to the BASIC MEMBERSHIP    If you wish to continue the full service, then you need to read our very low cost MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION below.



BASIC .....Service is FREE and limits you to use certain facilities.
SILVER ...Service allows you to use most facilities, but have limitations
GOLD ......Service Give you full access
For more detailed information about what you can get from your low cost fee then click on the SERVICES Tab on the bottom of the page.
Our rates are the lowest anywhere on the Internet -
90 Days for Silver will cost you $1.00
180 Days for Gold will cost you $5.00

All payments can be made here by using one of our online Secure Payment Modules.  When a payment has been completed you 're basic service will be upgraded according to which service you've selected.
If you would like to talk someone regarding the above matter, then please visit our online
Live Help below, by clicking on the Envelope

Ladies date for FREE and always have full access to all our services



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  • Totally Free - meaning all services are inclusive

  • Easy registration

  • Never ask for any money ever

  • Members Blogs

  • Internal Messenger

  • Forum

  • Chat Room

  • Online Help and Support

  • Personally managed by our Admin Team i.e. all profiles are screened for suitability

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